Class Assembly

We enjoyed presenting our class assembly on everything we have  learnt so far about World War 2. We hope you enjoyed our assembly too!


War Time Dish

We had a fun filled afternoon preparing a war time dish.

We made vegetable soup and carrot cookies. Then tasted them. We enjoyed the carrot cookies. Not all of us liked the vegetable soup.




Gas Masks

We have been learning about the precautions taken by people in WW2.

We looked at the importance of gas masks and why they were used. Then we created our own.


Anderson Shelters

We had lots of fun learning about Anderson Shelters and why they were used. We designed our own Anderson shelter.



Fizzy Pop.

Today in our science we have been looking at gases and if a gas weighs anything. we completed an investigation to see which fizzy pop had the most CO2 in it. We had lots of fun shaking the pop to make it go flat.

Food Tasting

This week in Literacy we have been looking at description writing. Yesterday we tasted different foods including avocado, Bovril and marmite. We had lots of fun.

We created a word bank of words for when we write our own descriptions on food.

First Week

Welcome back after summer.

We have had a hectic first week. We have enjoyed out topic lesson on WW2, swimming and PE lesson and maths lessons.

Watch out for weekly updates of what we get up to and pictures of us.


Skipton Class

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